Mining Companies Edge Towards Renewable Energy Options

Mining companies are starting to heed the transition towards a low-carbon future by investing in wind energy, solar and gas.

This was relayed at the annual African wind energy summit, the Windaba, in Cape Town, on Wednesday.

Gold Fields VP and group head of carbon and energy Tsakani Mthombeni said the gold miner was gradually transitioning towards a low-carbon and renewable energy environment.

“Ten years ago, you would not have heard anyone talk about renewables in mining, but things are changing. Financiers locally and globally are coming under pressure to be seen to be funding low carbon projects,” Mthombeni told a special session on mining. 

This week, Gold Fields became the first mining company in South Africa to publish its first Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TFCD) report to improve its disclosure of climate-related information to investors and other stakeholders.